SAVE THIS DATE  -- August 24-25, 2018

The date for our 50th Class Reunion has been set.  Please put it on your calendar.  We will be sending out invitations with all the details in March 2018.  Hope to see you all there!

GHS Class of 68  45th Reunion   August 24,2013
GHS Class of 68 45th Reunion August 24,2013
Geneseo HS Class of 68 25th reunion
Geneseo HS Class of 68 25th reunion
Geneseo HS Class of 68 25th reunion
Geneseo HS Class of 68 25th reunion
Updated November 20, 2013
A few updates since our last posting in September.
The class group photo was in the October 19 issue of the Geneseo Republic.
The photo is also posted on the J D DARNALL HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI site
The Class directory has updated based upon a number of new profile entries and a substantial number of new e-mail address & various corrections. An updated PDF file is available.
Thanks to the donations the web site is paid through September 2018 to support the 50th reunion.
Please use this web site to stay connected with you classmates.  Enter or update your profile with address changes, e-mail & phone number changes & life events.
Please also use the e-mail address to communicate with the committee and to request an updated directory.
Please Note: The death of Dwight (Tad) V. Gast was confirmed. Date of Death: Wednesday, June 15, 1994
Edited Sept 15, 2013.
The Geneseo High School Class of 1968 45th reunion events:
The Friday evening began with a group of class members meeting at the city park & cruising through town a number of times on the way to Barney’s. I understand this activity is now against the law in Geneseo, but no one needed to be bailed out.
The informal meet & greet at Barney's Korner Bar & Grill in downtown Geneseo for Friday night, August 23 provided a good start for the weekend with many classmates stopping by.  The proprietor stated that the 45 year class far exceeded the 15 & 20 year class events in participants & number of drinks poured.  He had a profitable night.
We also arranged a tour for class members of the Geneseo Historical Museum on Saturday afternoon. (thanks to Rich Bergston) The museum had extra guides available just for our group. The guides did a terrific job especially on Geneseo’s roll in the Under Ground Railroad.  In appreciation, the class of ‘68 made a $75 donation to the museum.
Saturday evening, August 24 was a great time.  The Geneseo Moose Lodge proved to be a first rate venue for the buffet meal & 60s period music.  The 45th reunion committee members gave a brief update of the class finances, summary of preparations for the event, asked for volunteers for 50th committee & ran a class trivia question & answer game.  Trivia Question:  Do you know how old Fred Curtis is??? Answer 71.
The committee members reported the preparations required a fair amount of effort that effort needed to be completed around other personnel priorities.  However, we all agreed: planning for this event it was a lot of fun.
Fred Curtis addressed the crowd with insightful, heartfelt, & inspiring words. His perspective of GHS, our class of ‘68, the Geneseo community & about life in general was well receive & resulted in a standing ovation.  THANK YOU FRED!
The event centered on general conversation including catching up, sharing memories & life stories and of course children & grandchildren.   Near 11:00 PM the dancing to 60s music from DJ, Tom Timbrook, picked up & by midnight the floor was filled.
A printed version of the class directory was available Saturday night (a PDF version was also distributed via e-mail).  A PDF version will be updated based upon new profile entries & some reported corrections and  will be available via e-mail in a few weeks.
Dan Martin has added photos to both Friday & Saturday night albums.  (Photo Page)Please check these out & add your own.  Thanks Dan, for recording our event through photographs.
Dan also sent the class group photo to the e-mail list of class members. . Note; Attending but missing from group photo:  Todd Watson, Terry Granell, Ron Mock, Rick Quayle, Francie Caras (Liras);  Lyn Kemmis Teerlinck.
Committee members conducted an informal poll:
            Most changed:  Doris (Koerper) Cherry & Bruce Carter
            Least changed: Terry Granell & Vicky (Lind) Hill
            Best time: Ken Mandle & Gary Gray
            Longest pony tail: Bruce Abshire
            Best dancer: tie Linda (Carlson) Riede & Pamela (Loftus) Johnson
            Best stories of moose hunting in Alaska: Rick Hornecker
            Most trivia question answered:  Fred Curtis
Between the two nights we had ~ 60 classmates & ~40 guests for 100 total attendees. Many attended both events.
Sorry that Randal Kicksey did not receive his invitation until after the event (mailed in June) & that Diane Little Gillette & Kathy Tell DeBlieck needed to cancel at last minute.
If you weren’t there, we missed you!  Please plan on attending 50th event.
The class members donated near $800 to keep the web site active to the 50th reunion:  Please use this web site to stay connected with you classmates.  Enter or update your profile with address changes, e-mail & phone number changes.   Please also use the e-mail address to communicate with the committee.
The reunion committee members for the 50th reunion are as follows:
     Carole (Torreyson) Snook
     Louise (Stohl) Cover
     Katie (Asleson) Yackley
     Janet (Lofgren) DeGerengel
     Dennis Johnson
     Pamela (Loftus) Johnson
In the committee’s opinion the event was a huge success with a great turnout. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  Hope you agree.
45th Reunion Committee Members
     Katie (Yackley) Asleson        
     Pam (Loftus) Johnson           
     Arlene (VanKlavern) Hawkinson
     Dennis Johnson
    Janet Lofgren DeGerengel
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